The Vislift

The primary function of the Smart Vislift is to facilitate fish migration. The design is based on proven insights, but has a more favorable flow path thanks to the flow control and round shape. The Vislift also generates relevant data from passing fish and water parameters.

Proven effective for all fish species

Based on real-time data, the Vislift can be shown to be effective for all fish species.

24/7 real-time data from fish and water

The built-in sensors monitor passing fish for quantity and species and the water for height, quality (oxygen, pH, conductivity and temperature), flow rate, pollution and blockages. Ecologists, water and water level managers gain more insight into fish migration.

Automatic water control

Different fish species migrate in different periods under different conditions, of which the flow rate is the most important control parameter. The Vislift has a variable flow technology that automatically adjusts the flow rate in the fish passage exactly to the migrating fish species and season.


The Vislift is self-cleaning: the unit is periodically rinsed clean. The built-in sensors also detects blockages. When self-cleaning is insufficient, this is recognized and communicated to the user.

Plug-and-play in 48 hours

Due to its patented round shape, the Vislift is compact, structurally strong and can be used almost anywhere. Soil research and structural calculations are less relevant. This makes the installation of the Vislift many times more efficient and faster than traditional solutions. The Vislift can be installed and reinstalled at any location within 48 hours.

Also for flood migration

The fish passage can be used anywhere; also in places with little space and even for storage tank migration with the Vislift Up.

Would you like to know more?

Get in touch with us! We would be happy to review with you how Vislift can help your organization solve migration and data issues.